Artificial Nutrition has the great fault of not stimulating the intestines, which tends to clog inevitably.

Patients undergoing Artificial Nutrition need to cleanse their bowels 2 times a week (on Tuesdays and Fridays), even if the patients have a bowel movement spontaneously and even if they have diarrhoea.
The purge recommended is SELG 1000, 5 sachets dissolved in half a liter of water and taken over half an hour. Bowel cleansing can be introduced by the mouth (if the patient can swallow) or can be introduced with the syringe directly into the tube.

QUESTION: Today, the patient should do the SELG. Does he/she still need it after having had a spontaneous bowel movement?
ANSWER: The SELG should be done anyway, even if the patient has diarrhea

PROBLEMA: Oggi il paziente dovrebbe fare il SELG, ma sta male. C'č rischio che il SELG lo faccia scandere di pressione?
SOLUZIONE: Nessuna, deve fare il SELG lo stesso.

QUESTION: Today, the patient should do the SELG, but is ill. There is a risk that the SELG might lower too much the blood pressure?
ANSWER: No, SELG must be taken all the same.

QUESTION: After the first SELG the patient has had a lot of diarrhoea episodes. At the next SELG will this happen again?
ANSWER: The patient was very constipated. With the SELG the faecal mass will gradually reduce and eventually the patient will discharge only 2-3 times after each SELG.