The Tube

One cannot be artificially fed without the tube. The tube is very thin and is made to stay in place for years without giving any discomfort. Ten minutes after the insertion of the tube the fastidious sensation of a foreign body down the throat goes away and it can stay in place for years without any feeling like a bridge over a tooth or a denture. There is no danger that the tube leads to bedsores or other injuries to the pharynx, esophagus or stomach, since it is small and very soft.
Having established this very important point, let’s go through some of the problems that can be encountered with it.

Here we talk of issues related to the tube and also the problems of the nasogastric tube

PROBLEM: The tube was fixed with the plasters and the red mark that was previously near the nose now has shifted to the ear for more than 10 cm. What to do?
SOLUTION: First rinse the tube with the syringe. Then reposition the tube by pushing it inside until the red mark is found in the usual position.

PROBLEM: The plastic cone that connects the tube to the pump comes off and doesn’t hold in place. What to do?
SOLUTION: If you have tampered with the connection cone by taking it off and putting it back remember not to do it in the future! In doing so it has possibly dilated and doesn’t hold so well any longer. With a sturdy scissors cut the last segment of the plastic cone which now enters deeply into the tube and holds very well. But you must always keep it in place without changing or removing it otherwise the probe continues to give the same problem.

PROBLEM: The tube is fixed by the bridle and some ties have come off. What to do?
SOLUTION: Do nothing but call our Centre. Do not try to put some ligatures yourself. You could choke the tube or tighten the bridle too much ending up hurting your nose