KEN Theory

Introduction of the Nasogastric Tube

It is necessary to slowly infuse the solutions of protein during the 10 days cycle. There is no need for preparation and the patient may have taken food or fluids immediately before the introduction.

Patient during the introduction of the tube

The patient is seated and will be asked to sip water with a straw while the thin tube is inserted into the nose. The procedure takes a few seconds and is not painful. Having said that, and during the first 10 minutes, the patient might experience some uncomfortable sensation in the nose and throat due to the foreign object which was introduced. This feeling gradually disappears as the body gets used to the presence of the tube.

From then on, and for 10 days, the patient should not take anything but water, tea, chamomile tea or coffee without sugar or sweeteners, otherwise the Ketones are reduced and the feeling of hunger might appear. This is something which should carefully be avoided.

This process has no risk of injury or dangerous complications.