Prof. Gianfranco Cappello is based in Rome, via Venezia 15 (tel. 064452691, cappello.g @ On July 15, 1974 he graduated in Medicine at the University La Sapienza in Rome(No. prot.12066), where he later obtained in January 1975, the professional qualification. Registration Order Entry Prov. Of Rome - Roll of Medicine and Surgery item No. 43369. His VAT registration number is 10449431005. The title of Professor of Surgery can be verified at the site of the Miur:( where Prof. Cappello is shown to be affiliated to University of Rome, La Sapienza, and the group MED/18. He is currently Associate Professor under forward agreement with the University of Rome La Sapienza, in the Department of Surgery: ‘Paride Stefanini’. He informs the public to use in his studio his own scales and bioimpedance equipment, which conform according to regional regulations. Prof. Gianfranco Cappello declares under his responsibility that the message contained in this Site is issued in accordance with the guidelines contained in "Guidelines for the Authorization of the Publicity and Information on Websites and Use of Email for Medical Reasons" - Resolution No. 129/2007 adopted by the Bar Council of Rome on June 19, 2007. Prof. Gianfranco Cappello